STEAM Maker Learning

There is a shift happening in education right now.  STEAM and Maker Education have collided, creating amazing opportunities for young people.  The content knowledge built in STEAM subjects comes to life with hands-on making.  Let's talk about the ways that play, persistence, people, and programs are building powerful learning in schools.

The Power of Failure

Failing forward can be a powerful learning experience for students and adults.  Learning through a productive struggle and persevering is an important disposition to develop.  How might we develop these opportunities in our schools?  What structures, programs, or environments can create these experiences? What does this look like in your school or organization?

Topics can include:

​-5 Strategies to Incorporate STEAM and Making Into Any Classroom

-Social Media for Educators and School Leaders

-Unlocking Creativity in 7 Simple Steps

-6 Children's Books to Support STEAM Learning

-Why a Maker Mindset is Critical

-3 Tech Tools to Promote a STEAM Mindset

Innovation Literacy

"STEAM and Making have obvious connections in math, science, and technology classrooms, but I don't teach any of those!"  We are all teachers of reading (or should be).  We read stories aloud to our students and engage with text everyday.  This workshop takes an innovative approach to literacy instruction by connecting STEAM and Making practices to relevant children's literature, poetry, and other texts.

Start Making!

Thinking of starting a new makerspace?  Want to incorporate making in your classroom/school but don't know how?  This workshop provides a foundation for anyone just getting started with STEAM or Making. (This workshop is recommended as a 90-minute minimum.)

Ready, Set, Design!

Design challenges are a great way to infuse STEAM Maker learning into your classroom.  This hands-on workshop will provide a number of design challenges for all ages and grade level that can be implemented in your classroom tomorrow. (This workshop is recommended as a 90-minute minimum.)

Think Like a Maker

How do you fuel curiosity in the classroom and develop student thinking?  This workshop will explore the engineering design process and easy-to-use strategies to develop a maker mindset in any classroom K-12.  Deepen student understanding and develop empathy through design thinking. 

Maker Tech

This workshop is for those who have embraced the STEAM Maker mindset and are looking to add some Maker Tech tools to their repertoire.  Explore with hands-on tech tools, robotics, and STEAM Maker games in a collaborative way.


​When we develop a maker mindset, we also build empathy in our students.  This workshop is for educators who use making in their classrooms and are ready to provide meaningful maker opportunities that expand beyond the classroom.  We will share a variety of hands-on experiences for participants as well as ideas for ways that making can provide a greater contribution to our schools, community, and across the globe.

STEAM Maker Leadership

School and district leaders interested in starting a makerspace or bringing STEAM programs to your school, then this is the workshop for your.  We'll provide a foundation of knowledge in STEAM and Making while incorporating hands-on activities and tips for innovative leaders looking to bring about change.

Powerful learning occurs at the intersection between steam and making

Hands-on Workshops

* All workshops are a 60 minute minimum but can extend to 120 minutes.



* Webinars can be done in 30-60 minute sessions. These sessions can be scheduled to fit into a faculty meeting or book study group and can be tailored to meet your needs.

*Keynote speeches are 40-60 minutes and can be customized to your organization.